Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Which Erectile Dysfunction medication is right for me?

Many people ask about the right medication for erectile dysfunction. However, it is important to know that there is no single right medication to treat erection issues. Rather, different medications work differently for different people on the basis of various factors. Let’s learn about these factors to know about the best medication for you.

Cause for your ED issue

The first and foremost important thing is to identify the root cause of your erectile dysfunction. Without knowing the right cause, you can never treat this properly. Suppose that the cause for your ED is continuous stress. Instead of relieving the stress to cure it, you start good blood flow medications for it. It will never go off completely until you control your stress-causing factors. Therefore, it is crucially important to figure out the cause for it and then choose the right medication for it.

Your Age

Similarly, age plays a very important role before you decide the right medication for your ED. Not all medications are for all ages. There are some of the medicines that are the most effective at younger ages. In contrast, there are many others that are effective for those who are elderly. Therefore, there is no single medication for all people. Rather, it depends on the age factor too, along with a number of other factors.

The severity of the issue

It is essential to figure out how long you have been facing this issue. If you are facing this issue for a few months, a low impact medication will work for you. The natural treatments and lifestyle changes may also be effective in your case. However, if you have been facing erectile dysfunction issues for years, you must need high potency medications. In such cases, home remedies or natural treatments usually don’t work due to the severity of the issue.


Dosage also varies from person to person in case of any medicine. For example, one of the best medications for treating erectile dysfunction is Viagra. However, how would you know how much quantity of Viagra you need per day? Again, it depends on the severity of the issue, your age, and many other factors. Therefore, it is always the best idea to talk to your medical health practitioner before starting out any medicine. Otherwise, taking the wrong dosage can leave a number of side effects or may make the issue worse.

Alternative treatments

Before you choose any medication for you, it is a good step to go for natural treatments first. For this purpose, you can try out different home remedies, food changes, lifestyle changes, or exercises, etc. Never try any natural treatment for a few days or a week and quit. To see the results, you must stick to them for at least a month. This is because the natural ways always have a slow but harmless impact of the body. Many people fully recover through natural treatments that they use consistently. If it doesn’t work, then you may choose the right medications for you.

The final option!

There are a number of medications available in the market such as avanafil or stendra, Viagra, or tadalafil (Cialis), etc. However, it is important to consult with a doctor before choosing the one for you to avoid any side-effects.


Among a number of medications for ED in the market, you have to choose the right one for you carefully. There is no right medication for all the people but it depends on a number of things. All of these have been discussed above so that you can have a better idea while deciding one for you.